Deborah & Srdjan Adventure Scholarship was created in 2008 by Deborah Grant and Srdjan Tanjga to celebrate their wedding by remembering where they came from and helping talented young people start their own life of adventure and learning.

Each summer the Scholarship gives two high school students the amazing opportunity to study a foreign language in the country where that language is spoken.

The scholarship is intended for one student from Brandon, Manitoba (where Deborah is from) and one student from Belgrade, Serbia (where Srdjan is from).

Here’s a quick message from Deborah and Srdjan:

“We have been very blessed in life to have loving families, true friends and great opportunities. Most of all, we were incredibly lucky to have found one another. We wanted our wedding to be a source of joy, not just for us and our loved ones, but for our broader community, and not just for one day, but for years to come.

We launched the Deborah & Srdjan Adventure Scholarship to give other young adults from Serbia and Manitoba an opportunity to venture out of their hometowns and explore what the world has to offer. We hope they will bring a piece of their home to wherever they go, and bring a piece of the world back home at the end of the summer.

Let the adventure begin!

With Love,

Deborah and Srdjan”