2016 Recipients

Julia Greer was a grade eleven student at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School in Brandon when she was chosen as the 2016 recipient of the scholarship. In addition to being an excellent student, she was passionate about singing. Julia studied French in Paris in the summer of 2016. This is how she described her experience: 

          "Bonjour tout le monde! Je m’appelle Julia!
Hello! My name is Julia Greer and I was given the experience to study abroad this summer. I was chosen out of many different applicants to travel to Paris, where I studied French and explored the French culture for three incredible weeks.
I stayed in a residence in a suburb called Issy-les-Moulineaux with many other students from around the world. Our love for the French language and new experiences helped us bond quickly. Classes were held from Monday to Friday and were unlike any French class I had taken before. The teachers had a genuine passion for teaching and the lessons were interactive, making it fun and exciting. After class we would venture off into Paris, usually taking the metro, and see the many sights! Throughout my stay in Paris I was lucky enough to visit many different monuments; such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Catacombs, and so many more. In addition to sightseeing, I was lucky enough to experience some parts of every day Parisian life too; by going to cafes, markets, and having picnics in the park. Not only did these different activities let me see the city, they also provided me with the chance to use my French skills in a real life setting. Before I had travelled to study in Paris, I had never had an opportunity like this.
Of course, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for Deborah and Srdjan with the DS Adventure Scholarship. Without their generosity, I and many of the other past recipients would have never experienced this incredible journey. I’m very thankful to have been chosen for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Travelling to France has given me a new perspective on our world and has changed me as a person and as a student. I made friends from, quite literally, across the world. If you’re eligible for this amazing opportunity, I would really encourage you to take the chance and apply; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"

Marija Radovic was a 3rd year student at St Sava Grammar School when she was chosen as the 2016 recipient of the scholarship.  She was a straight-A student with a particular interest in chemistry and psychology.  She studied English at Tufts University in Boston during the summer of 2016.  This is how she described her experience:

          "First of all, I would like to thank Deborah and Srdjan for an amazing opportunity that they gave me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
The way I found out for the DS Adventure Scholarship has prooven me that miracles can happen and that everything happens for a reason. I was so excited but I have never guessed how important and significant this trip could be in my life. I have never imagined me sitting outside at late night hours with friends from all across the world eating pizza and laughing about almost everything we say because we were so happy and carefree during those four weeks. And I've never imagined me thinking in English and even dreaming in it.
I was so amazed by the conditions we had. The whole campus and school were something completely new to me and the teachers were so kind and careful. We had an amazing class and every day was very interesting but also demanding so our knowledge of English was increasing rapidly. We were like a family. I loved the gym and especially the cool silent and undiscovered Tisch library. I was amazed by the equipment we could use and how quickly and easily we could do our homework in those conditions.
But as we would say, everything nice has to end, so that trip had to end and fortunately or unfortunately I was the first one who left. I couldn’t hide the tears so I was basically crying the whole day of departure. I didn’t know if those tears are from sadness because I was leaving or from happiness because this trip happened. I will never forget the room I stayed in, the classroom and teachers, dining hall, campus, downtown of gorgeous Boston, and I will never forget my friends. I will never forget those lovely people who made my summer so valuable.
I congratulate the next recipient in advance and feel free to contact me about the trip!   Marija"

2015 Recipients

Demiana Ekladious was a grade eleven student at Vincent Massey High School in Brandon when she was chosen as the 2015 recipient of the scholarship. In addition to being an excellent student, Demiana was very involved with her church community and performed in the school choir. Demiana studied French in the South of France in the summer of 2015. This is how she described her experience:
          “Bonjour tout le monde! Je m’appelle Demiana!

           I would like to start off by expressing my sincere gratitude toward Deborah and Srdjan who created the Adventures Scholarship. This has given students, including myself, this once in a life time opportunity to step out of the comfort zone and explore a new language and culture. I had the privilege of learning the French language and exploring the South of France for two absolutely incredible weeks! As difficult as it was for my parents and I to take on this challenge, as I was to travel by myself oversees for the first time, we do not at all regret doing so!
           Upon arrival in Nice, I was fascinated by the scenery, the style of the city, and the culture.  A vibrant city with both an Italian and French influence, Nice is part of Côte d'Azur bordering the Mediterranean in the South of France. I stayed in a residence that was right across from the restaurant where we were served our meals and a 15-min walk from the beach. In addition to the sights, I was truly lucky to meet students from different countries and become a part of an international diversity where our unity was the French language! We had courses in the morning each weekday, activities in the afternoons and evenings, and excursions by train and boat outside of Nice on the weekend. There was quite a bit of free time every day for self-exploration, making hilarious mistakes while practicing French with the locals, and most certainly enjoying the Mediterranean waters!
           This trip has positively influenced me in a huge way. First of all, I learned so much from courses while practicing grammar, listening to French films, forming debates, etc. On top of all that, I had the golden opportunity to practice the language in real life situations, and learn from mistakes. In addition to my improvement in French, this adventure taught me how to be independent and have courage to face new and exciting challenges. They were two weeks of exploration of the French language, new cultures, new people, and of my character and capabilities. Therefore, I most certainly recommend any eligible student to apply, because there is literally nothing to lose, and so much to gain and learn from. My adventures would not have been possible if it wasn't for this scholarship!”

Tamara Jankovic was a 3rd year student at Third Belgrade Grammar School when she was chosen as the 2015 recipient of the scholarship.  She was a straight-A student with a particular interest in biomedicine.  She studied English at Tufts University in Boston during the summer of 2015.  This is how she described her experience:

           “It was cold November evening in Belgrade when the last school bell cheerfully rang, signifying the ending of all classes. There were so many different feelings and plans in my head, mixed with enthusiasm for upcoming weekend and I was almost running on my way, when one small white paper in the right corner of the information board caught my glance... In spite of being so tiny and unnoticeable, something strange pulled me up to it and the power of letters that were written on has changed my life forever. A DS Adventure Scholarship and travel to the United States were wandering through my mind for days and I imagined myself being there, keeping conversations in English, meeting new people, new culture and different lifestyle on the other part of the globe. Daydream transformed into reality couple of months later and I found myself sitting in the plane, flying to America.
           Now, as I am closing my eyes, string of pictures, scenes and memories is passing through my mind and it reminds me of unforgettable four weeks. Not only did I have an amazing opportunity to travel that far, to visit Boston and New York, meet lovely new people and American culture as well, but I also had a chance to improve my language skills and I had a whale of time with all new friends, whose personal characteristics attached them close to my heart. These reasons made every day at Tufts University so special and precious. I will always keep in my soul those long, hot, colourful corridors of Lewis hall, warm atmosphere of the lounge- main social nest for all students, delicios and various food of Dewick-MacPhie dinning hall, freezing and psichologically warm classes in Olin Center and amusing excursions with RC-s throughout the city of Boston and its area.
           The last week of Summer English school passed so fast, but the spirit of hospitality,  acquired knowledge, smell of Bostonian streets and harbour, smiling faces of many kind people would always be the part of my personality. Above all, I sometimes find myself thinking as if I was still there, running for my morning classes, laughing with my friends, eating waffles and fresh strawberries... And then, I open my eyes full of happy tears and thank from the bottom of my heart to Deborah and Srdjan for the most delightful present on the world I have ever had.”

2014 Recipients

Sonia Gaiess-Somersall was a grade eleven student at Neelin High School in Brandon when she was chosen as the 2014 recipient of the scholarship.  Sonia augments her academic activities with significant community and volunteer work.  Sonia studied Arabic in Tunisia during the summer of 2014.  This is how she described her experience:

           "It would have been near the end of January, the weekend before exams started when I got the news that I'd be studying in Tunisia for a month in the summer thanks to the Deborah and Srdjan adventure scholarship. It was another few months until I started getting the details about my trip; flight schedules, where I'd be staying and where I'd be studying. They coordinated the whole thing for me and before I knew it August 2nd came around and I found myself on a flight to North Africa.
            I was placed with a kind and generous host family in a very touristic part of the country. They took endless delight in showing me the country and the culture. Their presence enriched my experience and showed me the ropes, making it easier for me to experience their country and their community.  I had private Arabic lessons Monday through Friday. My tutor was always patient with me, and had a very effective way of teaching. Instead of being bound to the 4 wall of the class we found it much more effective (and amusing) to try my luck giving directions to the beach or ordering breakfast at one of the many cafes, all resulting in strange yet hilarious interactions with the local folks, None of these encounters will be as memorable as the time my tutor challenged me to buy a bag of Spaghetti from a corner store. With no small amount of difficulty I managed to spit the words "Attini backo maqru:na"(give me a bag of pasta) and then proceeded to baffle the nice man whilst trying to pay for the order. He was honest enough not to take the extra 6 dinars I offered him for a 2 dinar bag of pasta, but I'm almost sure they were clapping when I left.
            The experience one can gain while traveling alone to a different country can be endless. If you are a student unsure about applying I would strongly encourage you to consider the opportunities, any country, any language. It will be an experience you'll never forget.  If you are not a student I'd love for you to donate so that students like myself and the other past recipients can keep living and experiencing this fantastic opportunity."

2013 Recipients

Sofija Milosavljevic was a 3rd year student at Third Belgrade Grammar School when she was chosen as the 2013 recipient of the scholarship.  She was a straight-A student and an aspiring writer and actress.  She studied English at Tufts University in Boston during the summer of 2013.  This is how she described her experience:

           "Hello! My name is Sofija Milosavljevic (do not worry if you can't read my surname... it's quite long and you wouldn't be the first one) and I was this year's scholarship recipient. I had accepted the previous recipients’ very thrilled suggestions to spend my 4-week English learning program in Boston, at Tufts University and I haven’t regretted it not once.
           It was a quite exciting and striking experience. I do not want to sound conceded, but I wasn’t afraid that I wouldn’t fit in. I had spent the last several years imagining myself being in America, speaking to Americans, speaking in English and when I came to Boston it seemed like I had been there long before I came, like I had been born at the wrong place. The first several days, until my roommate came, I was confused by the fact that I was finally there, the place from my imaginations and daydreams. I was anxious to start speaking in English without having to think up my interlocutor. Once I did, it was even more breathtaking than I had imagined it would be. Surprised and thrilled to hear my own voice in a different language, I couldn’t stop giggling like a child while saying something in English. When I got used to it, I even forgot that I wasn’t in my country of origin.
           What I brought from Boston back home wasn’t just a feeling of a complete satisfaction, but also memories of beautiful moments that I had spent with my new friends. Laughing continuously while learning each others’ languages, making comparisons of our cultures, traditions and customs, exploring new culture together, breathing the same air of new surroundings and environment, enjoying and admiring to the history that was knocking on our eyelids, unsuccessfully, but persistently building sand castles, playing ping-pong… very badly, hanging out in the Lewis lounge and doing homework but never quite managing  to do so,  painting a cannon and chasing each other around covered in paint, having a talent show and fooling around while trying to perform, learning about the American history with such an enthusiasm and will and with it significantly improving our English language skills ( studying and learning is of course much more fun with friends, and even more productive believe or not), working on presentations together, sharing a pancake covered with strawberry syrup (mmm…), trying to figure out how the ice-cream machine works, eating an over sized lobster (can’t blame us for trying at least), going to the dock and talking for hours while feeling the cold breeze rushing around our warmed up hearts, and laughing and laughing… oh and laughing and having  a whale of time…if I don’t stop now, there is no stopping me ever, so let’s try to sum up.

           These precious memories are physically imbedded in my brain, and can never be erased. I’ve learned so many things that cannot be simply described on a piece of paper (you just have to feel and live through it), whether it’s my English language or friendship. The best souvenir that I’ve chained around my soul is my overall experience with my friends and newly acquired knowledge of English language. The summer of 2013th will be truly and badly missed but never forgotten!"

Rebecca Storey was a grade eleven student at Neelin High School in Brandon when she was chosen as the 2013 recipient of the scholarship.  Rebecca is an excellent student and passionate creative writer; she frequently posts her stories online.  Rebecca studied Chinese at Nanjing during the summer of 2013.  This is how she described her experience:

          "Ni Hao!  My name is Rebecca Storey and, thanks to receiving the DS Adventure Scholarship, I was able to go to Nanjing, China this summer.  I went with a program called the CIEE program alongside seven other students from elsewhere in North America and had the time of my life!         
           For the first three weeks I had the privilege to experience Chinese culture while living with a host family.  In the mornings me and my host sister, Sophy, would teach a class of twelve grade five students English, play games with them, and have cultural exchange class.  The kids were absolutely adorable and very enthusiastic!  The afternoons varied between Chinese classes, taichi classes, touring Nanjing, and doing leadership training.  Now I can speak some Chinese, count in Chinese, and ask for directions! (Well, sort of, as long as they point me in the direction, then I’ll understand).           
           The last week, we took a train to Shanghai for three days and then to Beijing for three days.   I saw so many fantastic places, such as the bund in Shanghai, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, and The Great Wall, a place I’ve always wanted to go to!  I had the experience of a lifetime, I met some amazing new friends who I’ve been keeping in touch with, and would highly recommend applying for the scholarship!"

2012 Recipients

Olivia Auriat was a grade eleven student at Vincent Massey High School in Brandon when she was chosen as the 2012 recipient of the scholarship. In addition to being an excellent student, Olivia had a number of leadership positions at her school and in the community including peer tutor and junior counselor. Olivia studied German in Berlin during the summer of 2012. This is how she described her experience:

          “Guten tag! Ich bin Olivia Auriat, and I was fortunate enough to study German in Berlin this summer as the 2012 recipient of the DS Adventure scholarship! I studied at GLS, a great German language school in the heart of the city. I took German classes in a group of 12 for 3 hours 5 days a week, and my German skills improved vastly. As the only Canadian there, I also had an opportunity to meet people from all over the world, from Brazil to Romania! This was an experience that I would not have gained without the DS scholarship.
           However, many of the best things about my time in Berlin were not in the classroom. I explored the fascinating city of Berlin every day, and saw all of the incredible sights, from the remains of the Berlin Wall to the Brandenburg Gate. One of the best things about the city was visiting it's dozens of museums. The German History Museum and the GDR (East Germany) Museum were my favorites, and provided a background on the rapidly changing Berlin I saw. Berlin has only been reunified for 23 years, and it was amazing to live in the middle of one of the most important cities in recent history! I got to practice my German all the time, and have come away from my time there with a much deeper understanding of German language and culture.
           The time I spent in Germany was the greatest adventure of my life! I would recommend applying to anyone. I know the prospect of 3 weeks alone in a country where you don't speak the language may seem daunting, but the experience of traveling and living on my own in a foreign land gave me a self-confidence and independence unparalleled by any other experience in my life. You will gain invaluable skills during your time overseas, from language to living away from home. I'd advise anyone considering it to take a chance and apply! This was an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life!”

Nevena Matejic was a 3rd year student at Third Belgrade Grammar School when she was chosen as the 2012 recipient of the scholarship. She was a straight-A student and an aspiring writer, having won awards in several creative writing competitions. Nevena balanced a number of extracurriculars with a part-time job selling cosmetics. She studied English at Tufts University in Boston during summer of 2012. This is how she described her experience:

          “The magical moment came and I found myself in an airplane for Boston. As soon as my legs touched the American ground I was faced with an amazing feeling, like it was the other planet. My unmistakable intuition told me that everything around me was so huge and bigger than anything I've seen before. The airport, the number of people, the cars, even the sky.
          The first impression is the most important when you meet new people and places. From the very first moment at Tufts University, I found only friendliness and hospitality that an on-campus life provided for all its participants. I found the organization of campus itself impressive because that's something that students from Serbia can't experience. Everything is so near and approachable at the campus: classrooms and teachers, well-equipped library for homework, the restaurant, the gym, the RCs of Tufts who were always there for every question or request I had. I've never experienced such politeness and helpfulness! So many different cultures and unforgettable excursions we had was something I liked most. My English skills improved significantly, especially the Listening. It was so funny to catch myself thinking in English, and not in my native language, after only three weeks! The most amazing of all my numerous friends there are from France and Japan. It was exciting to learn so much about customs and music from Saudi Arabia, to try Japanese food, to swim in the Atlantic ocean and jump in the waves, to go to a night cruise round Boston, with all the glamour and the lights of the city. I met people from so many different parts of the world and managed to learn plenty about American culture, too. That's possible only in America.
          When the airplane took off one more time, but heading for home this time, I was surprised to have felt some tears on my cheek. I didn’t want my perfect dream from Boston to finish and to say goodbye to my dear friends. I'll always remember the once-in-a-lifetime trip that D&S Adventure Scholarship sent me to.”

2011 Recipients

Nathan Grills
Nathan Grills was a grade eleven student at Neelin High School in Brandon, Manitoba when he was chosen as the 2011 recipient of the scholarship. In addition to being an excellent student, Nathan exceled in a number of extracurricular pursuits – choir singing, school government as well as writing articles for The Brandon Sun. Nathan studied Russian in St. Petersburg during the summer of 2011. This is how he described his experience:

           “Здравствуйте! My name is Nathan Grills and because of the generosity of Deborah and Srdjan I was given the opportunity to spend three weeks during the summer in St. Petersburg, Russia! I attended a language school called Liden and Denz which was a wonderful institution. I had a small class of only ten students and a very helpful teacher. I learned a great deal during my time there and my Russian skills improved significantly. There is nothing like learning a language in a place where you are actually using it every day, both in and outside of class.
           Many of the experiences that I will cherish the most are from exploring the city. I visited all of the most famous landmarks and many hidden gems as well. St. Petersburg is home to a number of beautiful houses of worship. One of my favourites was the Church of Spilled Blood. The Hermitage was absolutely amazing! It was full of magnificent art and architecture and I went there on multiple occasions (and still didn’t see everything it was so colossal). In addition, I went on a number of excursions to areas near the metropolis. I saw beautiful palaces and gardens at both Pushkin and Peterhof.
           My experience was invaluable! I learned so much about language, culture, history and myself. Traveling to a different country is an invaluable experience and I will cherish my time in Russia for the rest of my life. If anyone is contemplating whether or not to apply for the Deborah and Srdjan Adventure Scholarship, I would strongly encourage you to apply!”

Milica Petrovic
Milica Petrovic was a 3rd year student at the Math and Science High School in Belgrade, Serbia when she was chosen as the 2011 recipient of the scholarship. Milica was a straight-A student with a particular passion for physics; she participated in research projects and had competed successfully in national physics competitions. Milica’s other passion was Irish dancing, and she performed regularly in an ensemble. Milica studied English at Tufts University in Boston during the summer of 2011. This is how she described her experience:

           “My name is Milica Petrovic, and I was the lucky student who got the DS Adventure Scholarship for the summer 2011. I heard stories from the previous recipients, and I knew a wonderful month was ahead, but I was still afraid I would be too shy. However, there is no 'too shy' with people in America. Once I realized my English is just as good as anyone's, I couldn't stop talking. Classes were inspiring, we were made to talk and give presentations, which was both challenging and rewarding. But what kept me active and open to the new things were the wonderful people I met there. I am still in touch with most of them, even by letters, which is very nice. The best people I met were from Asia, and I learned about eastern cultures more than I ever thought I would. I tried Chinese and Japanese food, used chopsticks for the first time, listened about their ways and traditions, had several misunderstandings because of cultural differences, and had a great fun. I also met some nice Americans, from whom I learned very much. My biggest impression is the fact that no matter where people live, in Taiwan or in America or in Serbia, we can still find a common language, and we can understand eachother so well - it was just unbeliveable. When I realized that, I had no trouble expressing my thoughts in English, knowing that people would understand me. I even woke up thinking in English. This really was the best and most productive summer so far.”

2010 Recipients

Minette Esguerra was a grade eleven student at Vincent Massey High School in Brandon, Manitoba when she was chosen as the 2010 recipient of the scholarship. Minette is an excellent student, and her course load included three A.P. courses even though she was only in 11th grade. Somehow she also found time for a part-time job and to serve as a youth leader in her church community. Minette was fascinated by Japanese language and culture and she traveled to Japan during the summer of 2010. This is how she described her experience:

           “こんにちわみんあさん!私は峰戸です。(Konnichiwa, minna-san!) Watashi wa Minette desu, the second recipient of the DS adventure scholarship program. This summer, I learned Japanese in Japan. However, I did not just study, I was able to explore many different places in 東京 (Tokyo) such as Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Odaiba, and more! It took time to get used to new environment, people, and especially the language but, in the end, it was all worth it. We, my American classmates and I, would study Japanese in the morning for three hours. Then, in the afternoon, we would explore Tokyo. We saw different technologies unknown to Canada, learned more about Japan’s history, ate delicious Japanese foods, listened to Japanese music, and spoke the Japanese language. We also met amazing people, whom I still keep in touch with such as our teachers and our home stay family. Although Japan is a small country, it will never fail to amaze you with their various types of entertainments such as malls, science centers, amusement parks, shrines, and more. I know for sure that nothing can ever describe or replace my experience in Japan. It was too amazing that the only way people would know is if they go there themselves. I left confident of my Japanese base and knowing that I made many unforgettable memories with my friends while experiencing the culture and life in Japan. These are memories that I definitely would never forget for the rest of my life.”  

Jovana Daljevic was a student in her 3rd year of high school at Thirteenth Belgrade Grammar School in Belgrade, Serbia when she was chosen as the 2010 recipient of the scholarship. Jovana is a straight-A student with a particular interest in molecular biology; she had worked on two research projects in one of Serbia’s most prestigious science institutes. Her passion outside of the lab is modern dance. Jovana attended an English language program at Tufts University in Boston during the summer of 2010. This is how she described her experience:

           “My name is Jovana Daljevic and this year I won a scholarship which gave me a great opportunity to go to places I have never been, to improve my English and to meet people from different countries. At first, I was afraid of so many things – traveling alone, new environment… I thought that my knowledge of English language wasn’t good enough and that it would be really hard for me to fit in. Fortunately, I was wrong. Everything went well, and very soon I realized that people at Tufts are very friendly and ready to help us whenever we need it. Teachers were great, too. We could ask them not just questions about the English grammar and American idioms, but also about American culture, places to visit in Boston and food we should try. By doing my homework, I learned how to speak in front of the audience without stage-fright. All assignments we had were very useful and we could practice both our speaking and writing skills. Outside the classroom, we also had many things to do. At Tufts I made new friendships with people from all over the world. I had a chance to learn something about Chinese, Japanese, Spanish culture and even something about customs in Afghanistan. Because of my friend from Syria, I tried Syrian sweets for the first time.
           These 4 weeks I spent in the USA made this summer the best summer in my life. It is a great opportunity not just to learn English, but also to become more self-confident and to learn more about ourselves. It was wonderful experience and I’ll remember it all my life.”

2009 Recipients

Allison Large was an 11th grade student at Vincent Massey High School in Brandon, Manitoba when she was chosen as the 2009 recipient of the scholarship. In addition to being an excellent student, Allison was involved in many extracurricular activities – choir and voice lessons, Sunday school teacher, volunteer work and French lessons. Allison studied Mandarin at the Mandarin Rocks school in Shanghai, China during the summer of 2009, and this is how she described her experience:

           "Ni Hao, my name is Allison Large and I recently won the first ever DS adventure scholarship. I left for Shanghai China on July 11 to study Mandarin and returned on August 8th, 2009. I have to say my experience in China was absolutely AMAZING, there is no other word to describe it. I attended a program called Mandarin Rocks, it was a small private school that offered morning classes to people who wanted to learn Mandarin. The teachers were great, they all spoke fluent English, and the lessons they offered were very relevant to everyday life. I walked away feeling very confident about my Mandarin base, and would really like to continue my Mandarin studies.
           Another huge benefit of my trip was the friends I walked away with. The other students that attended the school were from all over the world, USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Germany, and the Netherlands to name just a few. Together we spent many afternoons and evenings together experiencing the Chinese culture. These are friendships that have the potential to last a lifetime, and we all had so much fun during our month together; we ate authentic Chinese food (which by the way is NOTHING like its American Counterpart) toured museums, shopped, did some sight seeing and in general just had a really great time. Some of the things we did included touring the zoo, seeing local art galleries, going up to the top of Gin Mao tower (the second tallest building in Shanghai at 88 stories) as well as seeing the local aquarium, and going to see the latest Harry Potter movie.
            Personally I would not trade this experience for the world. I learned more then just a language in Shanghai, I experienced a culture. It is one thing to learn a language but it is something totally amazing to be immersed into that countries culture while learning it; I walk away knowing not just the countries language but with an understanding of why that language is the way it is, and who the people are that use it. This past month I spent in China was something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I loved every minute of it, and really hope that some day I can return and see more of the country as one month just was not enough to see and experience everything."

Nevena Popovic was a student in her 3rd year at Third Belgrade Grammar School in Belgrade, Serbia when she was chosen as the 2009 recipient of the scholarship. Nevena is a straight-A student with a particular interest in biology and chemistry. Outside of the classroom, Nevena played basketball, studied German and volunteered at the UNESCO club. She studied English at Tufts University in Boston during the summer of 2009, and this is how she described her experience:

           "When I first came in Boston, I was afraid that it would be really hard for me to fit in - I thought that classes would be too hard and that people wouldn't be so open for new friendships. Only few days were needed for me to realize that there was nothing to worry about. Although they were sometimes hard, classes were interesting and extremely useful, so I enjoyed every minute of those classes. Also, I made friendships with people from every part of the world. I’m still in contact with most of the people I have meet in Tufts and I am thankful that, with them, I had a chance to have a great time and to meet not only American, but also lots of others cultures in the world. This summer I had the best time in my life and I suggest to everyone to try to have the same experience as I had. Trust me, it is priceless.”